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Senate Bill 168 - Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department

Liberty Is Essential PAC opposes Senate Bill 168.

This bill is an expansion of the Governor's authority and is politically motivated.  Instead of addressing the actual problems with municipal government in Indianapolis by dealing with the elected officials who are derelict in their duties as public servants, this bill sets a dangerous precedent for state government to engage in a takeover of any law enforcement agency in any municipality or county in Indiana, whenever the state decides to do so.

If the Indiana General Assembly truly wishes to provide a mechanism for improving the performance of elected officials in Indianapolis as it relates to law enforcement, perhaps they should introduce legislation that would allow citizens to recall their elected officials in Indiana.  This would ensure that elected officials at every level were held accountable for their performance every day of their term and not only on election day.  

The Indiana General Assembly has the authority, granted in the Indiana Constitution, to impeach municipal and county elected officials.  If the elected officials in Indianapolis are not performing their duties as defined in the Indiana Constitution, then they should be removed from office.

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