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Legislative Issues

Liberty Is Essential PAC actively supports or opposes the legislative issues that are listed on this page.  For each legislative issue, the bill or resolution text is printed in the summary.  Click the link to go to the details about the legislation, such as which legislators authored the bill or resolution.  Click (Read More) to read why we are supporting or opposing the legislation.

Due to the volume of introduced bills in both the House and the Senate, Liberty Is Essential PAC cannot state a position on every bill or resolution.  Therefore, bills and resolutions of specific interest to individual rights and constitutionally-limited government are addressed as discovered.

House Concurrent Resolution #4 - Terminating the public health emergency first declared on March 6, 2020, in Executive Order 20-02

Be it resolved by the House of Representatives of the General Assembly of the State of Indiana, the Senate concurring:

SECTION 1. That the General Assembly terminates the public health emergency that was originally declared by the Governor on March 6, 2020, and renewed for a tenth time on December 31, 2020, effective immediately upon the passage of this resolution by the Senate;

SECTION 2. That the General Assembly determines that any actions taken by the Governor or any requirements issued by the Governor pursuant to his authority under an emergency declaration are also hereby terminated.

SECTION 3. That copies of this resolution be transmitted by the Principal Clerk of the House of Representatives to Governor Eric Holcomb.

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Senate Bill 168 - Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department

Provides that effective January 1, 2023, the Indianapolis metropolitan police department (police department) is administered by a five member state board of police commissioners (board) consisting of: (1) four members appointed by the governor; and (2) the mayor of the consolidated city. Provides that the board's powers include: (1) exercising the power, authority, and responsibility of the executive and legislative body of the consolidated city to adopt, amend, and enforce ordinances, resolutions, and rules relating to the administration of the police department; (2) serving as the merit board for the police department; and (3) appointing a police chief for the department who is responsible only to the board. Provides that the legislative body of the police special service district retains the power to modify and approve the police department's budget.

Senate Bill 168

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House Bill 1434 - Cigarette and Tobacco Products Tax

Cigarette and tobacco products tax. Increases the cigarette tax by $1 to $1.995 per pack of regular size cigarettes and makes a corresponding increase for larger cigarettes. Provides that revenue received from the increase in cigarette tax is deposited in the state general fund for the purpose of paying appropriations for Medicaid-Current Obligations, for provider reimbursements. Makes corresponding adjustments to the percentage of taxes deposited into other funds. Amends the definition of "tobacco product" to include e-liquid and an electronic cigarette. Amends the definition of "wholesale price" concerning tobacco products manufactured and sold in Indiana. Increases the tax on tobacco products (other than moist snuff) to 39% of the wholesale price of tobacco products. 

House Bill 1434 - Cigarette and tobacco products tax

This bill has been passed out of the House Public Health committee as of Thursday, February 4, 2021 and is now moves to the House Ways and Means committee. 

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